Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White Witch or Snow White?

All of my pattern pieces have been cut out and sewn and it's just a matter of turning right side out and stuffing now.  She's going to be a white witch, but the more I look at the material I think it looks like she might be a white witch going to her first communion.  Going to have to work on that a bit.
I have to admit that when I originally planned on this particular doll I thought that the material lended itself well to "witch", but the more I look at it we may end up with Snow White.
The following photos show how I'm trying to tart her up a bit.  The one thing I have to say is that my dolls never seem to end up the way they're planned.  They take on lives of their own.  One of these days I'll have to draft a pattern and stick to it.
I'll post the finished product in a little while.  Still trying to figure out who she really is.
Listening to Eagle Eye Cherry, Chris Rea, Leonard Cohen and Warren Zevon.

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