Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Is Not My Favourite Month

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and also what would have been my mom's 87th birthday.  But she passed away on March 25th, 2011.  So, you can see whay I'm not really keen on this month.  However, I've decided not to let it get me down and we're going to have a St. Patrick's Day/Birthday remembrance dinner tomorrow, sort of.  It will be Irish, but vegetarian, because that's who I am.  The menu is:  for starters Guiness and cheese fondue, then leek and potato soup.  The main is Guiness, gorgonzola and mushroom pasties and dublin mash (carrots and parsnips).  I was going to make Bailey's Irish Cream bread pudding from Irish soda bread, but figured there's enough starch in this menu to choke a horse.  So we'll toast my mom, toss back a few and enjoy the day.

Well, I've finished my white creation.  After many days agonizing over what she is I have decided that she is a Snow Queen.  Here are a few pics.
Her crown is made from Christmas tree icicles and her hair is silk roving.

She has venice lace cuffs, an ornately beaded neckline and a staff made from copper wire and crystal beads.

I also made her a cape and embellished it with crystal beads on the lapels and silver trim with larger acrylic beads on the hem.
Her boots are buttoned up with acrylic beads and I used the same beads to make her heels.
I'm beginning to think that there are certain powers at play here that take over my creative process and things become whatever the powers want.  When I started out I wanted to have this really ethereal figure with wind blowing in her hair and her clothing wispy and drapey.  I was thinking along the lines of Stevie Nicks meets the Wicked Witch of the West. The Snow Queen is who I ended up with.  Not complaining, but I wonder what my next creation is going to look like.
Listening to Eva Cassidy, Fountains of Wayne, Gotye, Grateful Dead, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Corky and the Juice Pigs, They Might Be Giants and Walk Off The Earth.



  1. Wow....she's lovely...her crown is amazing. I think you make wonderful dolls:)