Sunday, January 10, 2016


Here it is January 2016 and I have no new dolls to talk about.  I have been extremely occupied with my new granddaughter Sophie, so outside of a couple dresses, my sewing machine has not seen the light of day much.  I'm not complaining though.  Sophie is a delight to be around and I jump at any chance to spend time with her.  She is now 7 months old and just starting to have a voice to make her feelings known.  But mostly she is a smiley, happy little girl who loves her grandma:)

I have some ideas swimming around in my head for a Sophie doll and will spend some time designing the actual doll as well as her outfits.  This doll will have to be kid friendly, but still be an art doll of sorts.  It would be nice if she could have a change of clothes and maybe even different shoes.  I guess we'll just have to see what I can come up with.  Or if I come up with anything before she reaches high school.

Monday, January 12, 2015


I've been very remiss in keeping this blog up to date, even though I promised I would. Truthfully, I haven't been working on any dolls for awhile now.  I've been concentrating on other things - like I just found out I'm going to have another grandchild!  Such wonderful news after the roller coaster this past year has been.  I won't go into specifics as it's not my roller coaster to talk about, but suffice it to say that this little baby is a true miracle and I am so looking forward to her arrival in May.

The anticipation of this new little baby that will be joining us in May has gotten my creative spirit revved up once more and perhaps the sewing machine will be pulled out and dusted off to make new creations, whether they be dolls, clothes (because you know I'm just champing at the bit to sew dresses and other cute little outfits for our little miracle), and who knows what.  It's nice to feel like this once more.  Now, no more excuses.  I have a job to do and I can't wait!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yes, it's been awhile

I'm not making excuses for myself, but I just want to say that I really meant to be more productive on this blog.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  I will, however, try to keep this more up to date.  Even if it's just to pop in and say a few things unrelated to doll making.

Like now. I am beside myself with worry over my sweet 13 year old dog, Roxy.  She has been a constant joy to have around and she's beginning to show her age.  First of all, she's a German Shepherd-Sheep Dog cross, so she has inherited all of the worst health problems from both, unfortunately.  She was diagnosed with bilateral osteoarthritis when she was only five and later on it was discovered that she has degenerative myelopathy.  Add to that, she suffers from seasonal allergies, so she's constantly licking and chewing at her itchy patches if we don't medicate her.  Luckily we decided to get her pet insurance when she was just a pup.  Otherwise we would have had to mortgage our house in order to pay for all of her medications.  But, it has all helped.  Until now.  Her age is something we can't protect her against.  In the recent months she has had three separate vestibular episodes that have only made her weak and wobbly.  The dizziness from the imbalance makes her sick and when she's sick, she won't eat.  When she doesn't eat, she gets weak and can barely stand or walk.  So, we treat her nausea and help her through these episodes.  But they all take their toll, and she gets weaker and wobblier.

Our vet has told us that Roxy's overall health is good, so she'd be a good candidate for wheels.  I guess we'll see.  We'll continue to take her for her short walks, which she still loves, and when we think she no longer is enjoying herself we'll decide what to do.  Whatever is best for Roxy. Not us.

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Craft Show last week

It was a busy day and lots of people came by.  It was nice to talk to everyone and I actually sold a few things.  Here are some photos from the sale.
I only put out the Rainbow Collection and made a catalogue available of all the others.  The next craft show on the 24th is going to have smaller tables, so I'll have to use my imagination.
This table ended up looking too busy.  I'll have to figure out a better way for it too.

So, if anyone is around this weekend, please join me at the R.A. Centre on Riverside Drive on Sunday the 24th from 10 to 4.   Lots of stuff to see.